For as long as I can remember, I've wanted nothing more than to become a drag queen! It allowed me to escape the lackluster surroundings of my youth and become anything my imagination could cook up. My recipe went as follows: one serving of glamour, an ounce of whimsy, a dash of liquid courage (ok, maybe more than dash) and season to taste. Through the help of some of the most talented queens in the business, this concoction was served, tasted, and refined over the many years of my career.  

Wigs have always been my favorite ingredient to work with. I remember watching the queens backstage whip bouffants beyond imagination. I knew I possessed the talent to join the ranks of these wig whisperers, but it wasn't until other queens started asking me to cook something up for them that I truly discovered that talent. And so Wig Takeout was born! 

Wig Takeout delivers A La Carte confections as well as Made-to-Order masterpieces straight to your door. Not sure what you're in the mood for? Try some of our Chef Specials. Cooked up in LA, our Made-to-Order creations and Chef Specials are handled with care courtesy of our signature Jumbo Takeout Box that doubles as a wig carrier!

Be dazzling eye candy to your audience!


and we’re the cherry on top!


Sara Andrews